TV signal amplifiers are often referred to as ‘boosters’, and the two main types are:

  1. Mast Head Amplifiers:
    Mast head amplifiers, which are used to boost the signal in areas where it is too weak for the antenna to give sufficient signal.
  2. Distribution Amplifiers:
    Distribution amplifiers, which boost signal levels in places where there is a good incoming signal, but multiple televisions. The more times the signal is split, the less there is to go around. The distribution amplifier solves this problem by increasing the original amount of signal.


The Installers TV Antennas Perth use F-type connectors, which are known to be more dependable than the older style, due to being more secure and less disposed to corrosion. We always use water-tight crimp connections and cable runs so that there is no need to worry about water-logged or sun-damaged cables.

Set Top Boxes

We use high quality set top boxes, with the following features:

  • Audio output
  • HDMI output and cables
  • Low power consumption
  • A seven-day electronic program guide
  • Dolby R Digital 5.1 channel surround sound
  • Parental locks

The tv aerial cables we use are suitable for all situations. They are Version 1.4 compatible for use with 3D and all HD sound and picture formats. They are Foxtel approved. They are used to connect devices such as DVDs, Foxtel, BluRay players, media players, DVRs, digital set top boxes, amplifiers etc. They will give you the best picture and sound possible. We can provide them at significantly less than retailers and at varying lengths to suit any application.

Aerial Cables

We use TV aerial cables that are suitable for all kinds of circumstances. They are Version 1.4 compatible for 3D and HD formats and are Foxtel approved. Used for connecting equipment such as DVD players, media players, DVRs, set top boxes, amplifiers, and more, they will provide the best picture and sound quality possible. The Installers TV Antennas Perth can supply them to you at a lower price than standard retailers and at which ever length you require.