At The Installers TV Antennas Perth, we don’t just supply and install new TV antennas. If your current antenna isn’t working, we may be able to repair it, which can extend the life of the antenna by years and, importantly, save you money. We can provide you with quality antenna services and aerial repairs, regardless of where you originally purchased your antenna.

Some fairly common antenna problems are:

  • Broken or damaged antenna or cables, often caused by bad weather conditions or animal interference, and sometimes just age
  • Incorrect or inferior quality antenna or cables
  • Interference from over-hanging branches from nearby trees
  • Problems with the splitter box
  • Issues within the wall outlets or with the leads between the TV and the wall
  • New buildings locally, deflecting the signal
  • Electronic interference
  • Work going on nearby, interfering with signal

Once you’ve contacted us, we will make an appointment for one of our technicians to visit you and make a full assessment, checking all equipment and connections. We will then recommend and quote for the appropriate repairs, and once agreed with you, we will make the relevant repairs. There is a nominal Service & Assessment fee for this service.

At The Installers TV Antennas Perth, we will service or repair your antenna wherever it is both possible and cost-effective. In instances where it is not, we will recommend installation of a new antenna, which come with a 5 Year Parts and Labour Warranty. We will always recommend action that will be most cost-effective to you long-term.


The Installers TV Antennas Perth has an experienced committed team to provide additional support to our technicians for particularly difficult or unique antenna issues.

The Installers’ ‘Health Check’

When our technician arrives at your property, he will go through the following process in order to establish any issues you have with your antenna or aerial:

  • Assess the antenna and bracket for damage, alignment issues and movement
  • Check that the whole system is digitally compatible
  • Ensure that all antenna connections are correctly terminated
  • Record the level and quality of the signal to check that all stations are being correctly received
  • Ensure that all connections and junctions are properly in tact, and where necessary, clean and re-terminate
  • Ensure minimal loss of signal between the antenna and the wall outlet by recording signal measurements
  • Check television leads and tuning, then retune stations as required, ensuring that they are stored in the TV memory

Usually, nothing further than this is required. If we do discover that further action needs to be taken, we will discuss this with you before going ahead.

This process has been the basis of our service to thousands of customers and over 250 individual Property & Strata Management offices for over 20 years.

The Installers TV Antennas Perth can also provide you with extra TV or phone ports for other rooms in the house. It is a quick and easy process and means you can watch TV or chat wherever you like!

It usually takes one or two hours to install the ports, dependent of course on the number of ports required and any particular system requirements, e.g. occasionally we find that the existing cable requires upgrading.