Various Leads

At The Installers TV Antennas Perth, we use and supply only the highest quality digital cables, leads and accessories. Our technicians carry a wide range with them to ensure that they have they correct one to hand to help provide you with the best quality TV signal.

TV Leads Cable

A crucial part of the antenna system is the cable connecting your television to the wall plate. We can provide an F-type connector as part of a standard antenna installation where required. Our technician will custom-make the length required to fit your property. These leads are also sold separately, so if you need extra for your other televisions, just ask the technician.


The RG6 Quad Shield Cable is the minimum requirement according the Australian Standard for digital TV antenna cabling and for MATV cabling, and is also used for Cable TV (CATV) and Satellite TV (SATV). The product features a copper-clad-steel inner conductor. Although single, dual and tri-shield versions of RG6 are available, they unfortunately do not provide adequate EMI shielding.

RG11/U Quad Shield is used for the same purposes as RG6 for backbone cabling and long distribution runs, particularly in multiple dwelling units, lifestyle villages and hotels. This also features a copper-clad-steel inner conductor.

TV reception quality is controlled by all of the antenna system components, rather than just the antenna. Each part must be of high quality, most importantly the cable, which conveys the signal from the antenna to the television. It is for this reason that The Installers TV Antennas Perth use only Premium Quality RG6 Quad Shielded Coaxial Cable, ensuring the best signal strength from your antenna and therefore giving you the best viewing experience. Although there are also dual and tri-shield versions on the market, we won’t use anything but the best.

Coaxial cables are available in varying qualities; the best quality cables, with high shielding properties, will transmit the signal more efficiently than others. The RG6 Coaxial Cable is the most commonly used and is available in dual, tri or quad-shielded grades (this means two, three or four levels of shielding). The higher the shielding, the lower the chance of the signal being interfered with. However, the varying grades of cable look very similar, so when dealing with some antenna providers, customers can end up paying for an inferior quality product. This is one of the main reasons that these companies are able to offer their installations at such low prices. We at The Installers TV Antennas Perth only use the quad shielded coaxial cable to protect the signal as well as possible as it is carried throughout your property.